Friday, October 29, 2010

friday october 29, 2010

is it inevitable?

my parents have always been pretty creative with gifts...they gave husband #1 and i a gift each month for the first year we were married (did they only think we would be married a year? hey, never thought to ask that questions...) anyway, now, for anniversarys, they give us gift certificates for take out places or restaurants (a gift for me because i dont have to cook and a gift for husband #1 in case he doesnt like my cooking..hey, never thought to ask that question either..) anyway, i am in the take out store and a jewish husband walks in and says to the man " i will take a pound of smoked turkey roll." " im sorry sir," the man behind the counter replied, "we only have smoked turkey OR turkey roll."

the jewish husband got a look of panic on his face...that look of "oh no, if i get the wrong thing, she will use this as an excuse not to have sex with me...she will use this as an excuse to scream at me...she will use this as an excuse not to have my parents over for another 6 months..." and i knew what was going to happen next..he took out his cell phone and dialed frantically, hoping that his wife would answer the phone, then answer him...and all would be right with the world again.

this is my do i avoid this happening to my sons??? how do i avoid them turning into quivering morons that dont know how to do anything on their own? somehow, my parents did this with my brother-he can cook, shop, clean, take care of the kids without any major disasters taking did they do this with him? i have absolutely no idea.

any suggestions would be appreciated.

happy friday

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