Friday, October 8, 2010

friday october 8, 2010


while ironing, i was watching greys anatomy and a news brief popped up after a commercial about the 5 reasons why people are defriended on facebook. unfortunately, i did not see this newscast, because i am asleep WAY before 11 so i will have to make up my own top 5 reasons. This is only humorous to me because I have been defriended....i have defriended and last weekend in chicago we had a discussion about the whole defriending situation(before we all started throwing up.....). so, here we go..

Top 5 reasons why people defriend....

5. You didnt invite them to doesnt matter if it is a party of 2 or a party of 200....there is your reason to cut down your amount of friends...(i have never done this, but have had this done to me....)

4. They are related to your husband/wife and you dont want them to see derogatory remarks about family.....(because what says "i love you" more than a status update that reads " so and so is finally divorcing the schmuck...."

3. They are democrats......(i have defriended democrats, and i am proud.....though i am sure they aren't all so ra-ra-obama now....for another blog, not written by me)

2. They are republicans.....(why would anyone defriend a republican...)

and the number 1 reason why people defriend on facebook....

1. Because they can and it is quite powerful.....(and because most people are evil...only the exceptions are good.)

thats all i got today....have a great sunny weekend...just pointing out that it is a year since son #1's bar mitzva.....and a year since i have had scotch...

happy friday

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