Tuesday, October 26, 2010

tuesday october 26,2010

great inventions....as opposed to great expectations, which i think was a book i was supposed to read in high school...

in 40 years a lot has changed...some of these things i have mentioned in previous posts...like the disappearance of the records and eight tracks and the appearances of gadgets like ipods that play music magically without any form of musical component-just magic! i have discussed the invention of "milky way in a jar." ..still haven't tried that one...though it speaks to me everytime i pass it in the supermarket..that isnt a landmark invention, but something new nonetheless....

gone is the small black and white tv from your parents kitchen and say hello to the 300 inch high definition movie screen that still cant show your teams football game when cable is fighting with fox..go figure (i, of course, who do not have cleaning help, have access to 7 thousand channels both here, abroad and in space....maybe that is why husband #1 doesnt let me pay or see the bills..well, that and the escort service...)

we have gone from rotary phones that didnt extend 12 inches from the wall to cell phones that your kids can easily lose in any location in the world..or mall...or school building...or neighbors car..or vikings game....and today i learned that they can take a card and put it in a new phone, press some buttons on the computer, say abracadabra and all the information from said missing phone..appears on the new phone...absolutely unbelievable..

yet, with all of these improvements, we still havent found a cure for cancer...so lets all hope and pray that in the next 40 years, but hopefully much much sooner...that invention comes our way.

this blog took a totally unexpected turn for both of us....happy almost birthday to my dear dear friend who was the guest of honor last night (since i will not be blogging anymore when it is her actual birthday....) and let me paraphrase the wish her mom gave to me this morning...may the next 40 years only bring us good health and good times......

happy tuesday

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