Saturday, October 9, 2010

the eve of 10/10/10

i would be honored....

i get a congratulations...I am the proud mother of a 17 year old boy, who is hopefully getting his license on tuesday, because in exchange for my writing this blog, he will be driving my kids(his new brothers) around whenever i need him.

tonight this new son of mine, who we will call EZ, because those are his initials, asked me to be his back-up mom. Apparently he needs a mom who has no boundaries, no editing mechanism and an unnatural devotion to the 80's. Truthfully, i was flattered because my kids think i am annoying and most people think that i am crazy, so to have some actually WANT me to be a part of their life was truly flattering and appreciated. (does that mean i am supposed to appreciate husband number one because he chose to have me in his life? i dont think so because living with him is what has made me crazy with no editing mechanism!!!!!!!!)

so i am very excited to have EZ as my new son and the boys are thrilled to have a big brother. I gave him an example as to why i am not fit to be a mother....ESPN magazine had a supplement called "bodies" where they had all of these athletes in different athletic poses, but they were all naked(i enjoyed the shot of herschel walker, but i am sure the men preferred the womens water polo team....). It was really like soft porn..totally inappropriate for young i say to one of the sons(we wont single out which one) "as long as i dont find this hidden under your mattress, we are all good...." ya, think there was a problem with that line, but i am who i am. Husband #1's father has yet to teach him about the birds and the bees so there has to be a happy medium somewhere, and i hope to find that with my new 17 year old son.

welcome to the family EZ!!

happy saturday

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  1. What, no mention of offering a couple of 16 year olds some vodka when all they wanted was a few marshmallows???