Thursday, October 28, 2010

thursday october 28, 2010

you can only do so much...

as a mother of sons, you have to accept certain facts...that no matter how many times you drive 80 miles an hour through residential neighborhoods to, hopefully, catch a school bus that your kid missed because even though you tried to wake him up 300 times, he doesnt hear/listen to you, and you still miss the bus and have to drive him to school in your pajamas while still having not even had your morning pee or brushed your teeth....that no matter how many times you cook 17 different meals because no one is happy with what is on the menu.... that no matter how many times you bring donuts to school because your kid texts you that he wants breakfast....that no matter how many times you refrain from taking your kids head and smashing it against a wall because he is being so difficult and tells you that everything you do it wrong and that you are the worst mother in the world.... are still going to end up in a nursing home with a beard and no teeth and the orderlies giving you cards on mothers day and on your birthday...holycrapim90 and i haven't seen sons# 1,2 or 3 in years....should i even be cautiously optimistic?

i love my boys (most of the time...242 days until camp starts-is it wrong that i know that already? hey, its on the website..if they started counting down, why cant i?) and no matter what they end up doing with me...i know that they know that i love them.

i will keep telling myself that on the bus ride to shady hills home for the wayward elderly....

happy thursday

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