Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday,October 4,2010..less than month to go...

The great Skokie stomach virus.....

When I last blogged, I told all of you how excited I was to be with my friend deva in her new hometown. I joked about the differences between spending the holiday with her "then and now"....well, the joke was on me because "then" we would throw up because we drank too much(well, not me or her,but other people...) and now we were throwing up because apparently, there had been some virus going around skokie(among other things...which we won't go into...) and as pleasant as the first few days were, I can tell you first hand that the chopped liver from Romanian deli is much better going in than coming out.....yuck yuck yuck....(I can also tell you that there was no candy or alcohol in synagogue...guess they figure if the adults can't have fun, why should the kids.....)

So what did I learn from being In an entirely different Jewish community? Yes kids, they are all the same....equalLy unfriendly. Now before all of you out-of-towers come at me with a should just know that I did the "experiment." "what is the experiment?" I am so glad you asked that question. The experiment is when you say hello to a fellow synagogue goer, one you do not know from a hole in the wall, and they respond to you with a look of sheer terror and astonishment and then quickly look away as if avoiding being turned to stone.(who knew I had that superpower....if only...) yes, I know, not everyone responds that way, but it made me feel better knowing that it just isn't the hungry skinny minis of my hometown that act that way....maybe that is the new friendly....who knows. I was just really happy to be with my friend and her family....and not to have put on any weight ..(see, there I go again being all positive and sunny, maybe being out of town really did make me a better person!)

Happy Monday

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