Monday, October 25, 2010

monday october 25, 2010

one week to go..and then what?

last night i attended a beautiful wedding and had a fabulous time. why? because i really liked the people who made the wedding, i really like the person whose wedding it was and i really liked most of the people who were at the wedding!....look at that, i am not even 40 yet and already i am becoming a whole new postive/glass half full kind've middle aged woman. or...perhaps i am still just drunk from vegas...(just kidding!!)

speaking of vegas, i am happy to report that it only took 48 hours to start screaming at my family again...but i did it with a big smile on my face because i was thinking "what would donny osmond do?"..ya, back to life. back to reality...I know that husband #1 took care of HIS kids while i was away, and i appreciated that the house was still standing...but the cake and grapes from the weekend were still on the table where i left them...really? is our kitchen that big that the walk to the garbage by sons #1,2,or 3 was really too long?..perhaps we should down size...but they all survived and might have even been happy to see me when i got back..even though i was less than thrilled to be back and i am totally thinking of going away for 5 days every month(though the 5 days i would pick, and the five days husband #1 would pick are totally different...enuf said..)

Anyway....husband #1 (and i am sure assorted friends and acquaintances) cant wait for me to stop talking about this birthday already...but could one of you please remind him to get me a surprise birthday cake for this weekend? thanks.....and really, it is hard for me to stop talking about it because, truth be is all about me. no, really, it is....

thats all i got....

happy monday and happy birthday to rock!!!

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