Tuesday, October 5, 2010

tuesday october 5, 2010


ya, so in less than four weeks, i, banji dawn latkin-ganchrow, will be forty years old. my mother's 40th surprise party was at the lasters house in fair lawn. the lasters are no longer together, though i am sure that the house is still there and thank god my mom is still around so its all good. i know you all know that i am going to be 40...heck, i am amazed, surprised and blessed at how many of you still read this stupidity knowing that in no point in the past few months or the next 3 1/2 weeks am i go to 1.discover a cure for cancer 2. be discovered by ellen or oprah and end up on tv 3. publish a new york times bestseller 4. be on the cover of the sports illustrated swimsuit issue.....now which one of those threw you off the most? i bet number 4 scared you the most!!! dont deny it...that would be frightening...in any event...now you what i dream about (well some of you know who i dream about...the hot guy from the dallas cowboys, my boyfriend rick....husband #2...ha ha ha?)

when i look back on these first 40 years, i have accomplished a lot-i mean it really is all relative...i wrote an article in college titled "marriage-the final solution" and it is still being quoted to this day....i had a piece published in the ny times metropolitan diary-granted, it was in 1991, but it is still on record....got a masters degree..watched high school kids pee in a cup so i could drug test them(that is when i was a working girl...or, a girl who worked, though there is a market for working girls my size....)got married, produced three awesome boys who will, dear god please please please, be good husbands so their wives wont have me commited....consumed an unhealthy but enjoyable amount of nutrasweet filled products and cheesecake...made some great friends(and some not-so-great friends-but that is for another blog-trying to maintain my positive out-of-towners attitude)..traveled..saw an equally unhealthy amount of baseball games...all wonderful..all fulfulling because this is my life and these are the things that i have chosen to do with it....but sensing that my sanity is going almost as fast as my editing mechanism...the next 40 years should be really interesting :)

perhaps i should have saved these reflective ramblings for my last post...but i am planning to piss off many people in that one-KIDDING!!(or am i???....)

happy tuesday

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