Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wednesday October 27,2010

the dementia is setting in....and its not even my birthday....

ya, so yesterday i blogged about great inventions...and the invention i had seen at the mall, the one that prompted me to write about the other inventions, well, i forgot all about it.

folks, the greatest invention in the last 40 years is....spanx...for men. that's right....right there in nordstroms they have spanx for men. Now i dont think that spanx for women is a great invention-they are painful and ridiculous and you need to grease yourself to get into them-and if you dont have a hard time getting into them, it means that you dont need them in the first place...but spanx for men????? really???? upon reading the package, i have a feeling that the men who need them have....well, they have moobs-man boobs, poor guys. These spanx will help hold in your moobs- guess since they cant make sports bras for men, they needed spanx. i wonder what husband #1 will think if i buy him a pair for chanukah..though, he doesnt have moobs...he does have a large head, but they dont have spanx for that yet...though, they do have Big Melon Gear-for men with exceptionally large craniums-and that is where i order his baseball hats from. (unfortunately, i am not kidding...more unfortunately, husband #1 is not going to be too happy about what i have written about him-he doesnt mind that you know about the escort service however....go figure...never know what makes men happy....)

so spanx for men goes into the great invention hall of fame. Now, on an even more pathetic note, son #2 is going to israel saturday night with his paternal grandparents for his bar mitzva, and he wont be here for the big i wanted husband #1 to get me a surprise birthday cake for friday night family dinner. So, i went to the bakery and ordered my surprise that the saddest think you have ever heard? the man at the bakery couldnt stop laughing at me(at least he didnt call me a fat loser...just a regular loser...) when asked what i wanted written on the cake..well, that was easy "happy birthday ME".....yup yup yup...being a mother of sons..gotta get my own so sad on so many levels....

happy wednesday

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