Monday, November 1, 2010

monday november 1,2010

what i know for sure
(taken without permission from oprah winfrey, for any of you who read the magazine..)

I turned 40 case you weren't aware of this fact. Since December 31 i have been keeping a blog. A blog filled with funny, stupid, mundane and sometimes just ridiculous information about me, my family and life in general. And it has been really fun. It has been fun getting positive feedback, it has even been fun getting negative feedback because what i know for sure, is that people are the quintessential enigma. You never know how any one person will take something you say or write or feel. Never. Ever.

What i know for sure is that i love sons #1,2 and 3 more than i ever thought humanly possible and i am so grateful that i was blessed with them. Husband #1 gets annoyed because sometimes i make the mistake of telling him that I love them more than i love him...but, lets be real, they are from me. They have the misfortune of living with a woman who is out of her mind, but they are my best audience and knowing full well that the day will come when they will love someone more than me, i plan on taking advantage of having them around until i let them go. And, even though you dont believe me, I will let them go when that time comes. Perhaps that blog will be called ohcrapimstuckwithjustariwhaththehelldoidonow...

What i know for sure is that the majority of people are full of crap, are full of insecurities and some of them, well, just need to eat something so they will be physically full and not be so damned cranky.

What i know for sure is that i received three birthday cards from husband #1, Son #1 and son #3 and the words Birthday (spelled "birtday") Summer (spelled "sumer") and Laugh (spelled "laf") were all spelled incorrectly...this made me realize that, perhaps, i am not the best mom in the world after all...or perhaps i am just paying way too much for tuition and not getting my moneys worth(though, one of the words was written by husband i can just blame that on his parents....that one was out of my hands...)

what i know for sure is that even though i spent tonight at a ranger game, a team that i dont even like, my kids (well not son #2 because he is in israel..) and husband #1 were really happy that i was there with them...and i told the boys that when they turn 40, they can tell their kids what a great mom I was to go to ranger game on such a big milestone in my life (ya..not a chance...but i can dream that they will say that...)

what i know for that i really dont know all that much....i know that i am too honest, i know that most people suck and you have to be lucky to find the good ones...and even if you think you have found the good ones-sometimes they end up sucking too so i really have nothing else to say on that subject except for good luck with that one....

On a scale of 1-10,i give the first 40 years about a 7 1/ for the next 40-the advice i have received from my many, many facebook friends ranged from "be happy you aren't dead" to "the next 40 will pleasantly surprise you with lots of good things...." I would like to go with the later of those two mentioned.

Holy crap I am 40....cant wait to see what the next chapter in my life holds in store....and i wish all of you only good chapters...

thanks for reading.

Happy Monday

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  1. Happy Birthday and thank you for 10 months of great entertainment.

    Watch out for those coughing fits.