Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday october13,2010

200th post.....I am crazy....but not as crazy as....

At 8:26 this morning, I showed up at bookends bookstore in ridge wood because my boyfriend Rick is going to be here at 1 pm. Everyone said I was crazy to come so early....but, alas, I was not the first one here...because as crazy as I am, there are even crazier people out there-hard to believe..I know.

There are two scary looking sisters here, and when I say scary, visualize facial hair on the face, 80's hair on their heads and a good 30 pounds more than necessary on their bodies. They know Rick. They know his wife, his exgirlfriends, his touring schedule, his bowel movement schedule...they know him....but not intimately because then I would no longer love Rick because that would be frightening. They gave out bookmarks to all of us on line because they made 900 of them for ricks devoted fans. I am not kidding. 900 bookmarks..and they are nice, with magnetic bottoms so they really hold the page for you. I am beginning to feel more and more normal. Granted, I did park over a mile away so I wouldn't have to worry about getting a ticket..yes, I know I am having 19 people for Friday night dinner and I have yet to do any cooking or shopping, but I AM spending 5 hours on line.....but next to these other women, I am just fine (and almost anorexic looking...)

I am both happy and proud to be here...because, well, I just love the guy.....

Wish me luck getting a good picture....

Happy wednesday

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