Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday October 19, 2010

No you didn't just say that.....what happened to young and hip?!?!?

So here I am in Vegas with my sister. We are having a great time...not feeling so fat because there are,fortunately, more people larger than us...I know, I was surprised too-but I am not kidding...anyway, we are loving Vegas...sat by the pool, drinks are free from 5-8,shows have been amazing..it's all good.

Tonight, we went to the top of the rio hotel to see the view and possibly dance. For those of you who don't know this about me, I love to dance. In fact, on any given afternoon, I have my iPod hooked up to the ihome while I am cooking or cleaning the kitchen, and I am dancing around...it's a sight, but I love it. When I was younger, I pretended I was one of the solid gold dancers in my pretend gold lame bodysuit(didn't have the bodysuit, pretended I was wearing one, was actually wearing my Lanz of Salzburg nightgown..but who cares...)

We were excited that they let us into this club because the sign said "only those wearing young and hip clothing will be admitted." when we were admitted, I practically squealed with joy...did they realize that they let in a rapidly aging chick wearing skinny jeans from chicos?!
When we got to the top, the view was amazing, but the music wasn't so we left...hoping to find another "young and hip" location to dance.

Walking by a bar at our hotel, we asked the host where we could find places to go dancing. He was very helpful and told us a couple of hotels nearby would have what we are looking for. So I said "those places will let people our age in?" a look of horror came over his face..he looked at me, puzzled, and said "OUR age?!?!" like I meant we were the same age....this kid just finished nursing, did he really think I thought I was anywhere near his age.....when I cleared that up, he went back to drinking his juice box and my sister and got back in our
wheel chairs and went to sleep.

I still think I am young and hip....or young with hips....it's all perspective...

Happy Tuesday..for the record, it's after 1 am Vegas time and I am still awake......

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