Sunday, May 2, 2010

sunday may 2, 2010..less than 6 months...oh boy

bobsey twins 2010..or...I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!!
(all names have been changed to protect the innocent...)

It all started a few weeks ago in a swanky, exclusive dress shop in the fancy five towns...a store known for its discretion, its selection and its ridiculous prices....kayeesha stern was looking for a new dress and the sales lady knew just the dress for kayeesha..."no one else is will have this dress-it was made for you, fits you perfectly, brings out the color of your is YOUR oscar will be the only one to have it..i promise."

kayeesha left the store feeling invincible. the dress gave her confidence...she couldn't wait to accesorize and really make it her own...but more importantly...she couldn't wait to wear it to her cousin's wedding...

the morning of the wedding kayeesha had her hair done, her nails, her toes, belly button ring was polished and she put on her new, one of kind, no one else on the eastern seaboard owns dress. and she felt great...and she looked great...and she and her husband went to the wedding.

kayeesha sauntered into the shmorgasbord (how do you spell that?) room and saw her twin across the room..wait a second...kayeesha doesn't have a twin....SOMEONE WAS WEARING HER DRESS!!!! the one of kind...i promise on the life of my puppy that no one else will have this dress dress....the twin turned and saw kayeesha and the same look of horror came over her face as well.....and then they looked at their husbands....who almost simultaneosly said to their wives "no honey, you look so much better than she does...of course you isn't even a question...."

tears were shed...but the twins got it together and enjoyed the wedding. and then they came home, put the dresses in their closets and vowed never to wear them again.....

the end

happy sunday


  1. Banji, talk to Susan Richmond about the suits she bought for BOTH son's bar mitzvahs!!

  2. i'm so glad I finally re-read this infamous listing in your blog. No harm done - I mean really!