Sunday, May 9, 2010

sunday may 9, 2010

mothers day....

my mother is not happy with me because i didn't have a chance to buy her a card. i was going to go last night, but there was a wind advisory, and since i am so thin, i was afraid i would blow away. so, instead of a paper card, i attempted to send her an E-card, and because i am getting old, and not that bright(i have always been not-that-bright) i sent her an e birthday card instead of an e mothers day card. when asked why i sent her a birthday card, my only defense was "i clicked on the mothers day card option, and thought that is what i got...its the thought that counts." better luck next year. and it will probably take me at least that long to make it up to my mom....gee, i wonder where i get grudge holding from???

as for my mothers boys were awesome. i got breakfast in bed...pancakes(with syrup) and chocolate milk(made from scratch...jack milked the cow and everything...)of course, when i asked him if he wanted some of the chocolate milk he said "it's got gross white things floating on top, i am not drinking that..." again, the thought that counts. i got really funny cards (thanks MW)and i am going to see Rock of Ages this week...80's music and alcohol-it doesn't get any better than that....i also received an adorable little ihome so i can listen to music (again, 80's..)while i clean the kitchen(so back to 80's music AND alcohol...) it was only 9 am and so far so good....

went to spinning....went to be with ari's family (that mikes hard lemonade totally rocks)...and went to watch son #3 play baseball in the freezing cold (he was 4 for 4 so cold shmold, i had a kid in a great mood...) and now i am home sharing my wonderful but boring-to-you day.

and that's all i got.

hope you all had a happy mothers day

Happy Sunday

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