Friday, May 28, 2010

friday may 28, 2010

apperance vs reality

last night i went to a dinner where my cousins were being honored by their synagogue. It was a totally cool place in englewood called the 201 club...a perfect place for a bat mitzva(which i will never be making for my boys), a sweet 16 (which i will also never be making for my boys) or a surprise 40th birthday party (hint hint)anyway..there was an awesome bar, yummy looking pass-arounds, great music and a whole bunch of people that i have never seen before in my entire life. tell me, i have 504 friends on face book, how is it possible that i knew so few people at this event? it totally shattered my social confidence...but, one of the people that i did recognize was a "famous" rabbi, who, for purposes of not wanting to reveal his true identity, i will call Buly Shmoteach. (thank you to jonah hill for teaching me how to change someone's name around so discreetly...does anyone reading this know who jonah hill is?)

so ari and i were talking with buly and his wife and as i am listening to him, i am thinking to myself, "this is the famous rabbi shmoteach?? are ya kidding me? if this guy could have his own show, why can't i have my own show?? if this guy could hang with michael jackson, why can't i?(aside from the fact that he is dead...god rest his talented soul)" Needless to say, i was mildly disappointed...not at all what i expected. I thought i would get some insight into my life, relationships, world peace...and all i got was man, he is really shorter in person and i hope he isn't driving home.....though i have to say, that his wife was really, really lovely.

the point is, we put people on pedestals and build them up to be all that and the truth is, nothing is what is seems. which leads me to believe that maybe rick springfield wouldn't make a better boyfriend than the one i currently have...maybe rick snores, doesn't use a knife and fork and isn't as good looking as he was in 1982...naaaa....rick is going to stay on his pedestal until he has the chance to change my mind in for everyone else...we are all just human. good, bad, fat, thin, ugly, is what it is people....

happy friday

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