Sunday, May 16, 2010

sunday may16 2010

the biggest loser

the weekend brings me a variety of ideas for blogs. some, i am forbidden to write about.. (who knew that matching dresses had been one of and learn...) some i have to figure out how to make blog worthy and some..i just have to go with and see how they end up.

the biggest loser-when you are on that show, you are the biggest loser in your are 200+ pounds overweight, you have never had a girlfriend/boyfriend and you walk around with a giant L on your forehead and you are fat sad and the end of the show-with the help of 6+ hours a day in the gym and a restricted caloric have the chance to be the biggest loser...and possibly shed those 200+ pounds and have your life change for the better(until you stop going to the gym..stop the restricted caloric intake and gain all the weight back...but let's stay positive...)

who should watch the biggest loser....1.people who are so heavy that they can't get off their couch to get the remote to change the channel and might possibly be inspired by what they see..
2.people who have gone through a dramatic weight loss and can relate to the contestant...3.people who still have that last 20 pounds to lose and just can't get the motivation even though they walk 10 miles a day and spin their fat big asses off (don't know who i am referring to....) 4.anyone who watches tv while eating fast food and waiting for a pizza to be delivered at the same time.....

who should NOT be watching the biggest loser (or shouldn't admit to it....)
1.people who weigh less than what some contestants lose their first week on the ranch....
2. people who have never eaten a "whole" of something...a whole gallon of ice cream, a whole apple, a whole entenmanns cake, a whole cow....
3.people who get upset when the store runs out of size zero....
4. people who think chicos is for old fat ladies.....(i get some very stylish jewelry there..thank you very much)
5. people who think watermelon is a high calorie food.

do you see what i am saying? the biggest loser is a sacred show....the song that introduces the show has the line "what have you done today to make yourself feel proud?" when you think about it, it is very inspiring and thought far today (and it is only 9:20 in the morning) i have not yelled at anybody OR eaten anything...and i am proud of that!

may you all have things to be proud of today and everyday...

happy sunday

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