Tuesday, May 4, 2010

tuesday, may 4, 2010..live from the apple store

another you know you are getting old when.....

i am currently at the mall because jack's mac needs a doctor. our first stop was baby gap...i ask the man helping me if the babies ever complain about how loud the music is in there...he laughed at me and then offered me a geritol...

off to the apple store where we made an appt(did you know that you had to make an appt?) my kids feel very comfortable in here...they are playing with the gadgets while we wait for the mac doctor to give us a diagnosis....i feel like i am in a foreign land where i don't know the language...i just had a discussion with the mac doctor about why apple went from the little cute ipod to the big heavy ipad-doesn't technology go from bigger to smaller? i used the example of the 8 track tape machine as the example....he looked at me with kind eyes, clearly had no idea what an 8 track is and then, he too, handed me a geritol(first he told me to take a seat because i am the oldest person currently in this store....)

btw(that means by the way for you older folk) do any of you even know what geritol is? it's an OLD PERSON vitamin...who knew that was now protocol to give those out at the mall...

my kids are laughing at me, which makes me happy that at least i am making them happy by getting older....though i still have a few more minutes until we get the diagnosis...i hope it's a positive one, because if the man thinks that he will be able to explain to me about what is wrong..we will have some serious problems because i don't think there are any translators in here.....(though i am wondering if any of these friendly helpers in the blue shirts can get me a beverage...i think i am having another hot flash.....)

happy tuesday

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