Wednesday, May 26, 2010

wednesday, may 26, 2010

all by myself...

I have been blogging now for almost 5 months. The good news is that i haven't received any bomb threats or white powder in the mail...the bad news, is that blogging is like talking to myself(which i find i have been doing more and more..i am hoping that the people seeing me talk to myself just think that i am wearing an ear piece and am talking on the phone). I just write whatever i want and that's that. Though i am so happy to see that people are reading my nonsense, i get very minimal feedback. I have the one friend who insists on giving me an honest critique every single day (keep that up and soon i will be writing about Y O U) and then a few other people who let me know that they enjoy it (but behind my back are probably saying "that fat chick really needs to get a life..or a job..or both and her poor poor husband...") blah blah blah

today i am happy to report that i am really getting the hang of my texting situation. Today i am also happy to report that my sister and i have tickets to see barry manilow when we are in vegas (god willing, everyone should live and be well, poo poo poo, knock on wood etc etc.and no, jews aren't superstitious) Today i am thrilled to report that son #1 is coming home from his eighth grade trip to montreal. Let's talk about that trip for a moment...

my son goes to a wonderful school where he is one of 23 exeptional boys. he is also in the first graduating class. they had a choice of three places to go on their trip- montreal, boston, and the all-time-favorite washington dc. montreal won. upon reviewing the itinerary of this trip, ari and i noticed that the most "french" thing they were doing in montreal was eating at a restaraunt called "chez benny"....they were also going to an amusement park(son #1 doesn't like rides), tree climbing and zip lining (son#1 doesn't like heights) and speed boating (son #1 doesn't like water) so i am really looking forward to hearing how his trip was. though i have a sneaking suspicion that is it going to involve watching the series finale of 24...but that is ok, because according to the e mail from the principal, everyone is having a wonderful time, so that must mean that so is son #1.

so there you go...that is all i have for today. all comments are welcome and greatly appreciated...

Happy wednesday

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