Friday, April 30, 2010

friday april 30, 2010.....6 months and 1 day...

arrest me

apparently i now have something in common with goldman sachs(previously, i had nothing in common with them...)i also have something in common with spitzer(not prostitutes)and the mayor of jersey city(i don't know what he did) i am currently under investigation. I haven't stolen anything, i am not consorting with people of ill-repute....i am under investigation for poor housekeeping skills. my son had to go to school today with no pants or socks.

i don't know what went wrong. i have been ironing and folding and sorting and washing and drying. yet, this morning, my eldest came down in pajama pants and i asked him why he wasn't dressed. "it's pajama day" he told me...and i thought"figures yeshivat noam would have pajama day for the 8th graders..." and then he looked at me and said "ma, i'm kidding, i have no pants and all of my socks have holes in them..." WHAT?!?!?!?!!? why didn't he tell me that his supply was running low? i am always on top of replenishing his pants drawer-that is what i do...that is what defines who i am ...i am a mom who keeps everyone's clothes in order..who vacuums their carpets and dusts their dressers...what happened here? did someone break in and steal his pants? rip all of his socks? i was in quite the quandry and i have been waiting all day for social services to come and take me away for sending my son to school barefoot and in boxers....

so he left for school, i left for the gym, quite upset about the absence of pants. when i got home, i went up to his room to vacuum and that is when i saw his laundry basket stuffed and over-flowing with all of his pants. this is only a problem because he told me that he had brought his laundry downstairs..and i, silly silly trusting mother that i am , i believed that little rascal. it wasn't my fault...i didn't fail my family...thank the lord...the pants are now being laundered and will be ironed and back in his drawers before he comes home. because even after this little hiccup, i am super-mom...cape and all....

he didn't really go to school without pants.... (in case you were wondering.....)

Happy Friday

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