Thursday, May 13, 2010

thursday, may 13, 2010

what is a friend..

the other day i was having a conversation with someone about what defines a friend...a real true friend. not a friendly friend or an acquaintance friend...a real honest to god friend. my definition was someone who you wouldn't mind be stranded on a desert island with. (we are sticking with purely platonic friends, not friends-with-benefit friends) who are the people that you could be stuck on an island with that you would be perfectly content to be with? those are your real friends.

as you get older...your definition of a friend needs to be more definitive...when you are little, you are friends with people who want to share with you, when you are in high school, you are friends with people who make you feel comfortable and make you feel that you fit in...when you are in college, you stick with the people you have things in common with..your major, your boyfriend(usually you dont know they have that in common with you, when you find out, you are no longer friends..), whatever..If you are still single when you graduate college, you are friends with other single people...when you get to be my age, you just want to be friends with the people you like and when you are me....that is hard to do when you are overly sensitive and don't really like too many's tough out there!!!

then there are the politics of friends...who do you invite to a bar b que, a party, a christening -sometimes, it is easier just not to have a party for fear of who you might insult. (that, of course, is not my fear, but of my compassionate spouse...) politics shmolitics-who do you like? who do you not like? these are basic features of human nature....some people don't like me because they think i am evil, i don't like some people because i think they are is what it is people.

but whomever you consider your friends, cherish them, listen to them and be kind to them...or don't, because there are new, younger people moving in all the time....

happy thursday

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