Monday, May 24, 2010

monday may 24, 2010


as it is monday, again, i decided it is the perfect day of the week to expose the truth behind excuses. Monday is usually the day we say "this is it, this is the day I am going to stop eating sugar/cursing/stealing my neighbors ny times because my spouse is too cheap to get it but is using its anti israel slant as an excuse/being stubborn/being lazy" and the list of things we want to change can go on and on and on...
but then we come up with the excuses that try to justify our failure.."i can't stop eating sugar, it helps put me in a better mood" "I cant stop cursing, it helps put me in a better mood" and so on and so on....excuses excuses. I tried to come up with some of my favorites... (and what they really mean, otherwise, it would be no fun at all...)

"the reason i didn't say hello is because you have lost so much weight that i didn't see you!!" (this means..."i am sorry, there was someone much more important standing next to you and i really had no desire to speak to you whatsoever..." )

"the reason you weren't invited was because, even though we treasure your friendship, we were so limited with who we could invite" (this means..."there was no way i was inviting you because, well, i don't really like you. at all. period.")

"the reason we can't make it to your celebration is because we were invited to a christening and even though we can't go into the church, it would mean a lot to the pope if we were there.." (this means...."you really think we would waste a sunday on you??? mwa ha ha ha (wicked laugh)" )

"the reason that dress doesnt fit you is because of the poor quality of the material" (this means.. "hey piggy, if you would have stopped eating sugar, the dress would fit!!!")

I am a firm believer in saying what i mean (i can't imagine that those of you who know me are surprised by that statement...) Life is too short. Honesty is the best policy. I inherited my grandmother's editing mechanism(or lack there of...) but i still feel that i am better than some (notice how i didnt say better than most....). If we would all just say what we mean, I think we would all laugh more and possibly never leave the house....

but the next time you come up with an better be a really, really good one.

Happy Monday

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