Monday, May 10, 2010

monday may 10, 2010

the day after.....

the day after mothers day is like the day after a nuclear explosion. on the one hand, you are happy to still be alive, on the other hand, you have a lot of cleaning up to do. you no longer can say to your husband or kids "but it's mothers day, you do it...." nope, that line doesn't cut it the day after. but what about the things your spouse said he would do on mothers day that he forgot to do? the promises he made to have to go clean the gutters today, because it's the day after and you are back in charge....but he said that he would change the oil? sorry lady, you are on your own, don't forget to put on some gloves...

the day after mothers day totally sucks!!!!! though, i can't imagine that the husbands feel the same way....because some husbands (i am actually not referring to ari, for once) dont even feel they need to celebrate mothers day...when one husband was asked what he did for his wife on mothers day he responded "nothing, she's not my mother..." so i asked what he did for his mother and he said "my wife bought her a card...." hey dummy, if your wife is buying your mother a card, i am thinking a piece of jewelry is in order!!! (and at that moment i said a silent prayer that my sons won't grow up to be totally clueless husbands....)

so today, some husbands are patting themselves on the back for bringing breakfast in bed or buying show tickets, hoping they will be rewarded at some point before fathers day...and other husbands are patting themselves on the back for standing their ground and treating their wives the same way they do every day of the year...and are also hoping to be rewarded at some point before fathers day....ladies-we just can't win.

someone once said that everyday is mothers day....i would really like to meet the idiot that said that...because the truth is, there is only ONE mothers day..and every other day is the DAY AFTER mothers day...we work all year for that one day....sometimes, we are disappointed, sometimes we are pleasantly surprised...but every day we should feel extremely blessed.

happy monday

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