Wednesday, May 12, 2010

wednesday may 12, 2010


in honor of yom yerushalayim i will be blogging about israel. i am sad to say that i only know about yom yerushalyim because i got an e mail saying that my kids had to wear blue and white, they normally wear blue and white, but today that they needed to wear blue and white. son #1 wore a green shirt and may or may not have played the "i am color blind" card..who knows...and he isn't really color blind. I am hoping that his biggest rebellion in life will be wearing green on yom yerushalayim....

anyway, back to israel. i always found it fascinating how people could be in love with a place that they don't live in . i mean really in love...but what amuses me, is the people that i knew in college, who got married under the "pretense" of one day moving to israel...they marry, have a bunch of kids, get settled in suburbia and then the day comes when they are actually moving and they are all upset that they are leaving their lives and their families behind...hello..are ya kidding me? yankel only married you because you said you wanted to live in israel and now it is time to pay the piper...keep your tears for something really important because i don't want to hear about it...and off they go to the land of milk, honey and practically free tuition....

i often say that i have two definites in life..the first, i will never be an anorexic...the second, i will never move to israel. I think the second comes from the fact that i wasn't allowed to go to israel for the year and i have learned that that year in israel is really where one first falls in love with the country. my parents didn't let me go to israel because they thought i would fall in love with an israeli and stay there....(insert appropriate ari joke here....i don't have the heart to do it....) so i didn't go. and i didn't fall in love with the country. when i went as a tourist for the first time i met a really cute canadien...but that ended in mono and that is an entirely different story.

when ari and i went on our honeymoom to israel, i fell more in love with ari (and pizza hut) and i began to appreciate the country...the history...but still, no dreams of moving there. i am an american. my parents are american (i think my real parents are too...) 3 out of 4 grandparents were american....does it make me a bad person that i have no desire to move to israel? (worse than i already am?) the jury is still out.

so happy yom yerushalayim...may israel and its residents and its military stay safe and unified.

happy wednesday

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