Monday, May 17, 2010

monday may 17, 2010

but he would look good in a headband...

last night i went to a boutique to purchase camp paraphanalia (spelling?) for son # 3...that's right, the countdown to operation 4 weeks with no kids is now down to 44 days, that's right, 44 days....(apparently, i am the only one counting down...) so i went to pick up some laundry bags and a trunk with wheels..(the other trunk i get at campor because i love going into that store and pretending that i am going on a hunting trip...with ari...ha ha ha..hey, not a bad idea to take ari on a hunting witnesses...)

while at this boutique, i noticed that i could also buy my sons pillows that they can have autographed, headbands with flowers/bows/animal prints, charm bracelets with their names on it, tie-dyed hoodies, really cute beach towels and flip flops with matching coverups for their polka dotted bikinis..wait a second...i can't buy that stuff for my sons...where is all of the boys stuff???? hey...there IS NO BOYS STUFF....what's that about? am i being punished for not ovulating at the right time of the month? am i being tortured for knowing who is in the stanley cup playoffs and not knowing when hannah montana is going off the air?

I am feeling a little discriminated against....the only thing they are selling that my boys would be interested in is the food...and one of my kids doesn't even eat anything....this is sooo not fair. where is the sports memorabilia? ant farms(not for my boys...but i am sure other boys would want an ant farm)? sneakers? hockey pucks? come on...give me something i can bring home except for some laundry bags (in blue of course, not pink or purple....)

i left feeling very disheartened...but i called my friend who has 4 girls and said "their is tons of girl crap better come over right now...they might sell out of the selena gomez t-shirts....."

and then i went home and cleaned the toilet seats....again....

Happy Monday

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