Thursday, May 27, 2010

thursday may 27,2010


last night i had the pleasure of babysitting for my niece and nephew in new york. the twins were happy to see me because i think they realized they were home and I was visiting, which meant that mommy and daddy weren't deserting them and leaving them with me for a few nights. All went without incident and i was able to be a teenager in 2010..(until i tried to work the tv..then i was back to being 39 and mildly retarted....)

omg, the kids were sleeping and i got to text my bffs all nite! it was awesome. i also got to watch american idol, even though it took me 30 minutes to figure out my brother's remote, which i thought was a touch screen, so i kept pressing on the "watch tv" square...but nothing was happening, until i realized that you had to press the button ON THE SIDE. i was not meant for this century, i miss the "twanger" in my parents house that had buttons that actually made a clicking sound when you pressed them, not an electronically simulated clicking sound..., i was ready to throw the thing out the window.( i was even tempted to wake up the two year olds who probably had a better understanding of this piece of equipment than i did) and then, if you are lucky enough to find an HD channel, he has speakers that make you feel that there are people in the apartment with you, so that freaked me out...back to non HD channels...i miraculously discovered the channel for the mets i just kept hitting the "previous" button and went back and forth between the two shows, for fear that if i pressed anything else, the whole system would explode...

so i sat on the couch and texted and watched what has become of the bee gees(down to 2 from 3, so sad...)joe cocker, who looked like he was having a seizure and hall and oates..oy choice didn't win, but that was ok, because who really cares....

I wanted to get a snack from the kitchen, but i couldnt figure out how to open that baby-gate, i tried to climb over it, but that wasnt going well either...i am thinking of having them install a baby gate in my kitchen, perhaps that would help with my efforts to keep my mouth shut...(only for food people, the words will keep flowing out, i am sorry to say....) fortunately, the fishy crackers were in reaching distance from beyond the gate and i was able to satiate my ever present hunger....

the mets shut out the phillies, mom and dad came home from their night out, i walked back to my car (tomorrow's blog..)and came home to my babies..who of course, were still up after 11 pm...and all was right with the world.

happy thursday

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