Friday, May 14, 2010

friday may 14, 2010

sometimes, the original should be left alone...

the song Forever Young is a classic. every time i hear it i get teary..for many reasons. when i turned 20, my friend called me and played that song for brings back memories of a sordid, yet, wonderful summer as a staff member in camp seneca is dear to my heart. and then i heard it being played recently on the thoughts drifted back to steamy nights with no responsibility or kids...and then my thoughts were quite rudely interupted by JayZ-what the hell is he doing in forever young?? no no no no no....bad bad bad. i was very disturbed on so many levels.

it was one thing when some chick, whose name i never even knew, tried to butcher cyndi laupers Time after Time..but Forever Young? come on....that is a crime. i will not be down loading that one on my ipod. it hurts my ears and my heart all at the same time. I know i am getting old, but do you have to rub it in by destroying the anthem of a generation?!?!?!?!?!?! the inhumanity!!!!!

new coke didnt phase me (or last very long) when they changed the wrappers on ring dings and didn't leave me with the tinfoil to straighten out, i got over it (even though i really miss playing with those tin foil squares-anyone remember those? more fun than eating the actual ring ding!) clothes that didn't fit me when they were in style the first time still don't fit me's all good...but PLEASE leave my music alone..

if anyone dare touches my Jessie's girl i might have to flee the country...

Happy Friday

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