Wednesday, April 21, 2010

wednesday, april 21, 2010

if you think this is about you then you shouldn't be doing it......

throughout the centuries, jokes and insinuations have been made about the size of a man's car in relation to a man's ummm, we will call it a man's heart...if a man has a mid-life crisis and he buys himself a "fast car" we are to think it is a reflection of his "speed" and "capability." so, i ask you, if all these years comments have been made about men, why is it that women keep driving bigger and bigger vehicles? is a bigger suv a reflection of a bigger butt? implants? a big mouth?(no, i don't drive an suv, but thanks for that...) is it a reflection of what the man in their life is missing? (now that is an interesting observation...especially because in the community I live in, most of the men drive a smaller vehicle, which could be indicitive of the widespread epidemic of emasculation in our area....for another blog...)

so we have small women and big cars(and some big women in big cars, but i will stick with the smaller ones for visualization purposes...) they can barely reach the gas pedal, see out the rear view mirror and stop at a stop sign all at the same time. but what gets me, is that in addition to trying to do all of these things at once when they aren't even tall enough to be eligible to ride a roller coaster...they are also TALKING ON THEIR CELL PHONES WITHOUT A HANDS FREE DEVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is not good. if you can afford the big suv, you can afford a hands free device. in fact, i have heard that a lot of people who walk around with those snaggletooth things(blue tooth?) and seem to be in the midst of a conversation, are actually just pretending to be on the phone so they can ignore the people around them who they don't want to talk if you get one of those things, you can be a safer driver AND continue to be an elitist all at the same time-see? everyone is happy now.

so lets all work on not emasculating our spouses AND driving safer

happy wednesday

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