Thursday, April 22, 2010

thursday, april 22,2010

random thoughts on the path to senility....

previously, on holycrapimgonnabe40, i had blogged about the 40th birthday party i attended saturday nite. what i failed to mention, was that the brother-in-law of the birthday girl, made us all 80's cds..filled with both tv theme show music and top 40 music (from the 80s, obviously, it was a totally clever and thoughtful party favor..) here is where the problem was...i couldn't place some of the theme show know when it is on the tip of your tongue, but you can't remember what it is and it drives you crazy and consumes all of your thoughts?? "mom, i need help with my homework..." sorry kid, i have got this song in my head and i don't know where it is from "mom, the police are here again..." tell them to wait, it is all coming back to me "mom, the wacky mac is burning..." WHERE THE HELL IS THIS SONG FROM?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! so the gift was both a blessing (fond memories of things that happened during the song "dont you forget about me...")and a curse...(oh my god, i am getting so old that i can't even remember anything...)

then it hit me, we are no longer in the 80's, and now, through the grace of god and some geeks out in california, we have google. so i googled "what would we do baby, without us is from what tv show?" anyone? anyone? bueller?(80s reference...)and the answer is Family Ties. thank god. i can unlock the kids from the panic room, take the gag out of ari's mouth and get a good nights sleep..that google saved my life. did you know you could ask it anything, and i mean anything, and someone, somewhere had posted a response for you. (though through experience i have learned that you should consult an actual doctor before thinking that you have the bubonic plague or leprosy...just saying...)

on another random note, when i wrote my "diets i love" blog, i did not know about the "brown rice diet..." where you get to pay a doctor hundreds of dollars to tell you to eat three bowls of brown rice with some protein and drink a "conconction" that has yet to be approved by the fda...(that hasn't been confirmed or denied..)
people. wake up. it is all a scam. it isn't what you are eating, it is how much you are eating!(see, it pays to watch the today show, who says i should get a job, look at all of this information i have...) you, too, can be a skinny minnie if you only eat the "serving size" and not the "serving size for a city in illinios..."(i am actually just talking to myself now, appparently, most of the people on the brown rice diet don't even need to be on a diet in the first place....)

kk, i'm done.

Happy thursday

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