Tuesday, April 27, 2010

tuesday april 27,2010


as many of you know, i am totally obsessed with facebook. psychologists tell us that there is a reason for everything we do in life. if we like sports, it's because our parents didn't play with us enough as children, if we like reading, it's because our parents locked us in our room with no tv, if we eat too much, it's because our parents hid the cookies....(yes, i am totally making all of this up, but much truth is said in jest AND i am getting to a point...somewhere...)

i like facebook because it makes me feel like a popular stalker. on facebook, i have 481 friends, in real life, i have 4(maybe 6 on a good day). on facebook, i can look at everyones pictures, see all of the things they have been up to, in real life, i might get arrested for breaking into your house to look at your pictures...i have also been known to cross reference facebook friends to find out who is engaged to whom, who is related to whom, i even look up friends of my "younger friends"(and i am talking high school....)so i can find out what those crazy kids are all talking about...i need to be in the know. i need to know why "rafi" broke up with "malki" and is now dating "fraidel" who is a skank and wears strapless...oy vey..the drama...

i start my day by checking on each of my 481 friends, because i am considerate and want to make sure they are all doing well...i am not into any of the games-pathwords, wordfind, bejeweled, bewildered...dont need the games, just good, old fashioned human contact..or in this case, a good internet connection and a keyboard. because, according to psychologist, i guess i really don't like good-old-fashioned human contact....and that is why i only have 4 friends in real life(6 on a good day...)..but on facebook, i can feel popular and have confidence...look at all of the people who want to be my friend...yeay me!!

maybe i need a real psychologist....

happy tuesday...

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