Wednesday, April 7, 2010

wednesday, april 7, 2010

the mysteries of life....

i would like to start out this entry,with a TMI statement (too much information), by thanking the grapefruit for making this passover holiday so regular and enjoyable for me. as a woman who is getting up in the years, anything that can help her gastrointestinal system work just a little better, deserves both praise and, again, to the grapefruit (pink, to be specific, with just a little sweet and low on it to make it a little less healthy) i thank you.

onto more important things....i had the pleasure of spending some quality time with some young women who made me feel younger-until, they started talking about various issues like the kiki-riki. what is a kiki-riki? i was stumped....apparently, it is a very tight long sleeved t shirt that religious girls wear under non-modest apparel (low cut jumpers, sleeveless dresses...etc.) but, there is a catch...if your arms are too fat, the kiki-rikis exagerrate this sensitive issue and you can end up looking like the sta-puf marshmallow man(yes, another 80's reference...ghostbusters, for those of you who were born in the 80's and have no idea what i am talking about ...though, if you see a picture of me in my wedding dress, the same visual of a giant, white marshmallow, might come to mind) so this kiki riki thing had me thinking...if these girls are so religious, why are they buying immodest clothing to begin with, if they are going to end up wearing an immodest tight tshirt underneath those said clothing? why aren't they just flocking to monsey to buy the fashionable tights with seams and shirts that are reminiscent of potato sacks? i have no idea...and since i have boys, who i hope will never ask me for a isn't really my problem...but good luck to you ladies...

another problem with getting today is wednesday, but it feels like monday, but the kids are off from school, so it actually feels like sunday, but tomorrow is thursday, but the kids go back to school so it will feel like a monday, but then it will be friday and i have to get ready for the sabbath and....well, it is all a little much for me to handle. basically, i will write wednesday on a post it and walk around with it stuck to my head so i will remember the so sad.

hope you all enjoyed the holiday

happy wednesday

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