Friday, April 2, 2010

friday, april 2, 2010..6 months and 29 days til.......

passover..then and now....

for the passover seasons of 1993 and 1994 my parents took us to miami beach-the singles passover capital of the world....after all, chubby banji was still single and perhaps her parents were getting a bit nervous that she would be eating them out of house and home for too many years to come, so it was time to be proactive and find banji a husband....(though, her husband was not in miami beach, he was in netanya with his parents in the apartment that they sold right after his honeymoon-but that story, is for another blog...)

so the latkins were going to miami....the stress involved was tremendous. how were we suppposed to get all of those outfits, on a plane, without bringing the plane down? now for those of you who know my mother, it was a lot more difficult for her to pack...the accessories...the hats....the comfortable, yet very unstylish was a feat. how my parents managed to stay married during those packing sessions is still beyond me....but for me...i HATE shopping....i HATE was torture. Almost as torturous as walking up and down that godam boardwalk scoping out prospects and thinking "crap, i may just be single forever...."

but there i was...9 days, 3 outfits a day....a smile on my face and a spring in my step. i mostly enjoyed sitting in the lobby watching the people whose outfits cost more than a week at the hotel..their faces so heavily made up, they didn't even move (and this was before botox...those same people, now get botox....because it is 17 years later) those passovers were quite amusing(and if i knew my kids' friends wouldn't be reading this, i would tell you some really good stories...oh well...)

passover today....
thank god for my jean skirt and old navy hoodie....i can just wear that the whole week! thank god i have boys because i never have to take them shopping! i am so happy to be in my house and not have to talk to a soul-NOT EVEN MY OWN FAMILY!!! it is totally awesome!!
who cares if i have already made 35 pieces of matza pizza...6 dozen eggs in various forms...who knows how many mashed potatoes- i never ever have to change my outfit or my shoes!!!

and the only shopping i did was to buy myself the michael kors pocketbook that i have been eyeing all season-400 dollar bag for 150 dollars...because as every woman knows...pocketbooks and jewelry always fit..(wish ari would appreciate that logic...)

so enjoy the rest of your passover...wherever you are and whatever you are doing...

Happy Friday

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