Tuesday, April 20, 2010

tuesday, april 20, 2010

breakfast is the most important meal of the day.....

i could write about different diets from now until i actually turn 40...they are all a load of crap. i love turning on some morning show, with some skinny woman telling me that a healthy breakfast will not only give me more energy for the whole day BUT, it will help me from being hungry at night. ok then. here i go, eating my bowl of oatmeal (which really isnt a bowl, but a mug size...)with my 15 1/2 almonds and 12 blueberries. i really am full...i really do have more energy...and if i go to sleep for the night in 45 minutes..i won't be hungry! wow, skinny minnie was right....

the ball diet is one that amuses me...some doctor(from brooklyn?long island?)who i am sure does not take insurance, puts balls behind your ears...if you are really heavy, they are basketballs, if you are smaller, ping pong balls...something with accupressure or acupuncture, i have no idea..but people SWEAR by it. why does this diet work? now, i don't know the actual diet but, it has something to do with only eating vegetables one day, only drinking milk one day, only spending the next day in the bathroom from all of the veggies and milk you had the days before......excellent. I know people who have been on it that are still thin, and i know people that have been on it that now look like the basketballs they had behind their ears...and that is ok. i am not the pot calling the kettle black, because i am fully aware that i am shaped like a pot. and that, too, is ok.

weight watchers holds the dearest place in my heart...there is nothing like a good old fashioned weight watcher meeting to help you feel better about yourself. There are few places where people give you a round of applause for only eating 3/4 of a box of donuts and not the ENTIRE box....because, after all, you did stop..and that is worth clapping for...because, in life, that is really what we all need-people to cheer us on for whatever we do.....unconditional support, that is what i am talking about.

and if you can't get it from the people in your life, just go ahead and eat the rest of that box of donuts....because someone, somewhere, will clap for you....

Happy Tuesday

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