Friday, April 23, 2010

friday, april 23,2010

just a theory....

i have come to the conclusion that food is to women like sports is to men. follow along if you would like.....women obsess with what they are going to eat(in some cases, what they are not going to eat...go figure) they obsess with exercise to work off the calories from the food..and with clothing that should fit them if they regulate their food(i don't get that one either)there are actually women who take trips out to brooklyn or long island to go shopping..have personal all amazes me, but i am not one to judge...i grew up with a mother and a sister who LOVED to shop and perhaps that is why i dislike it so much now. the most stressful thing about my son's bar mitzva was having to find two pairs of "grown up"shoes. you would think i was searching for the holy grail the way i was carrying on about these shoes-but i HATE shopping and i really like my nike frees and the thought of wearing heels almost put me over the edge....

anyway, last night this whole theory dawned on my because my sons informed me that they had to work their whole schedule around the draft...first i thought it was another fantasy baseball draft(silly mommy, the season already started) but then i was informed that it was the football draft...huh? didn't we just finish with football season? what are you people talking about? who in gods name is sam hartman? who is suu? ...ok, so we had the draft to worry about and who the vikings were going to get, but simultaneosly, we had to worry about the devils being eliminated (which they were...)and the mets losing again(which they didn't....miracle) the yankees lost, and the blazers lost-who are the blazers? no idea, but apparently, one of my son's friend's in school was going to be very upset about it.

anyone want breakfast? no.....a snack? no.......where is the sports section? i know i am wearing ripped pants, who cares...where is the sports section? "why do you need the sports section if you know all of the scores already?" i ask, apparently sounded like a total moron... "are you sure no one wants breakfast????"

mommy eats alone, again.....i think it is a pretty good theory after all...

happy friday

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