Wednesday, April 28, 2010

wednesday, april 28,2010

just shoot me....or, how i feel about bad plastic surgery....

about a year ago, i was visiting a friend and when i saw her, her eyes looked really, really big and like they couldn't move...i asked her is she was ok and she said "botox." oy vey. fortunately, the next time she got it, she didn't look like she was just punched in the stomach, but it made me think....why do women (and some strange men) want to go to such extreme measures to look younger? it just seems to me, that if you are in your "mid-life" years, you are hunched over and can barely walk anymore, does it really matter if you have no wrinkles?

poor molly ringwald was on the today show and she looked like she had a minor stroke-1 half of her mouth did not coordinate with the other half...i was having trouble concentrating on what she was saying because the rest of her face didn't move at all....and i dont think we are going to be best friends because she didn't make me laugh once!!

and have you seen melanie griffin? (griffith? married to antonio banderas who probably hasn't had any surgery and still looks good...) she made a guest appearance on nip/tuck, a show about plastic surgery and she looks like she has had things injected into her face that aren't supposed to be there...what is that about? her face is a smooth as a baby's bottom and as lumpy as a bag of marshmallows and her hands are that of a 75 year old....scary! what's the point?

poor beautiful christie brinkley...the rest of her face is so tight, her eyes have actually disappeared-how does she see??

my only pet peeve is the turkey neck....if your neck can swing from side to side, it has to go. swinging arms, you can hide, swinging neck, not so much....i am saving money for that procedure now...but as for my face-i have accepted that it is only going to get worse. because i don't want to look like i have had a stroke, when i actually haven't....we need to embrace our face (how is that for an ad campaign?) good, bad, wrinkly or otherwise...aging gracefully is better than not aging at all.

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