Friday, April 16, 2010

friday, april 16, 2010

the happiest places on earth.....

what is a utopia? a perfect place. a happy place. what is your utopia? Some say, that Disney world is the happiest place on earth(though i am pretty sure that is just a marketing campaign)-how is that possible when you go there with your screaming, whiny children "i want ice cream with the ears" "why are the lines so long" "mickey is scaring me..." happiest place on earth-really? they had a series of commercials when the "older"parents are having a great time, where? in disney world. why? because they are there ALONE.....enough said.

what is my utopia? costco. why? you could live there. they sell underwear, toothpaste, peanut m&m's, diet soda, fruits and vegetables(had to put that in for my skinny friends, who needs fruits and vegetables when they have serious.) and yesterday, when i walked in...they were selling JEWELRY....i kid you not. Of course, they were selling it with the "buy your mom something nice for mother's day.." catch...i had to take a look. Some nice things, but fair to poor overall(sorry, ari, i guess you won't be not-buying me a gift from costco this year....) they have bathrooms, heating equipment to warm up your food, sports equipment, outdoor furniture(though you never have to go outdoors) books, a bakery.....utopia.

but what has made it even better, is the improved kosher section. two boxes of amnons pizza for 15 dollars. heaven. 18 pizza bagels for 5 dollars. even better. my brother has been raving about the kosher line of meat they have now, so i decided to take a gander....

lots of meat, really good prices, but there seems to be a catch...i am pretty sure that i heard the 20 dollar roast(you read correctly, 20 dollars-not 74....)mooing. that is right, it was still mooing. i could even hear it's mom crying in the background. apparently, we (or I) have become accustom to buying meat that looks, well, dead. This meat just looked either fresher, or not as clean..too much red liquid swimming about(sorry for the gross visual) And, i couldn't bring myself to only spend 20 dollars on a just seemed wrong somehow.....what would i do with the money i saved? i just got a new pocketbook and if i bought myself another one, ari might have a nervous breakdown...

so the next time you are feeling frazzled and overwhelmed, think of your utopia and zone in on that happy place....whether it's a quiet bathroom or a field of sunflowers, a candy store or a beach...everyone deserves to have a place to escape to... (and hopefully, there won't be any mooing in the background-unless that is your thing..not my business...)

happy friday

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