Sunday, April 25, 2010

sunday, april 25,2010

whose fault is it anyway?

last night, i went to retrieve the bags of clothes that are going to be picked up for charitable donations today...while pulling the bags out of matthew's closet, i did something bad. i broke the door. these are not new closet doors, these came with the house when we bought it. they are quite large and are attached to a track only on the top. i am thinking the doors might even be older than i am...though, i had come to believe that they were in better shape than i am, but looks can be deceiving.

so instead of just saying "ok, i broke the door, i will call the repairman and he will come fix it..let's all go make ice cream sundaes..." i went into a ...well...a tirade....words came out of my mouth that should not have been in there in the first place (but as a skinny person would say, better bad words than bad calories...does anyone say that?) matthew fled the room seeking shelter and a therapist and i attempted to put the door back on the track, but it is stuck. really really stuck.

and then it became ari's fault. isn't it his fault? after all, when he came up to "help me" the look on his face was "oh no, i have no idea what to do, i have no idea who to call and now, she is going to yell at me...why, oh why, has this become my life?" yes, i know that I broke the door, but isn't he supposed to know how to fix it? ok, i know the answer to that question, but can't a girl dream? we are going to be married for 15 years and i am still secretly hoping that one day, he is going to say, "honey, all these years i have been pretending that i have no idea how to fix anything, but you now must know the real father is Bob Villa" and then the music will start playing in the background and he will install an outlet and we will dance into the sunset..

back to reality...i will be calling the repairman, and i have a sneaking suspicion that matthew is getting new closet doors.

happy sunday

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