Tuesday, April 13, 2010

tuesday, april 13, 2010


i am grateful for every morning, purely because it means i am still alive, but morning is also symbolic of a new day...a new chance to be kind to people, to eat right, to breathe in the fresh air and not to scream at my kids...i have a friend who wakes up at 5:30 every morning-she doesn't need to be up that early, but she does it anyway, that, to me, is a little extreme...i have found that waking up at 6:50 has been just the perfect time. i can do what i need to do(if the grapefruit worked) check my e mails (still waiting for oprah to read my blog) make the kids their healthy snacks(where did i put those cheese curls) and prepare myself for the "waking of the boys."

since ari and i both contributed to their dna, the "waking of the boys" can go one of two ways....sweet and adorable ari way, or scary-moody banji way...and i never know which way it will go. it doesn't matter whose team was victorious the night before, who went to sleep at a reasonable hour-there is no rhyme or reason...so every morning, i proceed with caution. I put on my lion tamer costume and go into their rooms with a whip and a chair, just in case...and see how it goes.

this morning was a good morning..one son was showered and dressed and waiting for me with a smile (well, sort of a smile anyway) one son was thrilled to wake up and the son #3 did not even scream at me when i told him that he had to redo 1 question on his homework....everyone got dressed, had a healthy breakfast(said with sarcasm) and we walked to the bus...and there was my mistake "why are we walking when everyone else is driving?" i tried the whole "god gave you feet so you could walk..blah blah blah" but it was ok because all the of kids at the corner were happy to see eachother...

so i wish all of you a wonderful day filled with only sweet adorable ari behavior and not scary moody banji behavior...

happy tuesday

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