Thursday, April 29, 2010

thursday, april 29, 2010

no really, tell me all about your labor....

today brody and claire are 2 years old. they are my niece and nephew and they are adorable. i remember the day they were born....i remember wondering why my sister-in-law put on less weight with twins than i did with one....but i remember seeing her hold these little miracles for the first time and just crying, because it really is a miracle....

but it got me thinking, why do people(women, but not my sister-in-law, because she is the least narcissistic person I know, maybe because she really isn't a latkin by blood...) insist on telling you about their labor and delivery experiences in detail...down to the last contraction and scream..why? just let me know if the baby is ok, i don't care if you ripped in half and they had to sew you back together with licorice...if the baby is ok and you are still breathing, all is right with the world.

as for my labors....well, if you don't like when i make fun of my sweet, adorable might as well just stop reading HERE.

Baby number 1...Jack was kind enough to be two weeks late and join the world during playoff season. Yankee playoffs. though that could be "enough said" well kids, it isn't. I was in labor, without medication for 2o hours and 30 minutes...gave birth to a perfect firstborn...and Ari watched three baseball games. and the yankees went on to win the world series. when asked how my labor was, ari replied "the yankees won!" awesome

Baby number 2.....decided to take the epidural right away, fell asleep while ari watched days of our lives...woke up, dr yelled at ari to "get off the bed, stop watching tv and help your wife!!!" should've known then of what was to come "get off the bed and change a diaper...." "get off the bed and go play ball with your sons" "get off the couch and help
me with the laundry"...i know, poor poor freakin hoo....hope his parents aren't reading this...

Baby number 3.....he joined us at 1:30 am friday morning....ari had to make the shalom zachor without me...but don't worry, while in labor, having mothers intuition that god was blessing with me a third son, i set the tables, cleaned the basement, took out the previously hidden paper goods and cookies that i had frozen while nesting weeks earlier....ari was safe (and got to spend a restful weekend with his parents while i was in the hospital watching the beverly hills 90210 labor day marathon....we both win!)

So those are the abridged versions....(or is it unabridged? i never claimed to be smart...) I took some liberty with ari's reactions...truth is, when baby number 1 was born, he tried to be as helpful as was a horrible labor and a scary delivery..and when Jack was finally here...i was so tired and hungry, that i just wanted to eat the cheerios and milk my dad brought for me. because there it is again-food is love.

Happy birthday Brody and Claire and may we all cherish the precious memories of our childrens births....

Happy thurday
('re a great dad!!!!)

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