Sunday, April 18, 2010

sunday, april 18, 2010

just when you think you got out....they pull you back in

last night was the most fun 90 minutes i have had in quite a while. I was honored to attend the surprise 40th birthday party of one of my good friends from college. I even took a nap in anticipation of being up past 10:30 on a saturday nite...i was ready to party. when i entered the house where the party was, i swear i was in doc's time machine from back-to-the-future (80's reference for those of you who have absolutely no idea what i am talking about) and we were all 20 again, with no mortgages, no kids, no problems, no gray hairs and no peri-menopausal sypmtoms(i don't know what those are, but i thought it would be a good addition to that train of thought...) it was incredible.

we all told eachother how young we still look...and truth is, to us, we probably all still do look young. my friend caroline came in from atlanta...i still remember the outfit she was wearing when i met her on our first day of stern college for women and others...i think it was green, i think she thinks it was yellow, but who cares...she looks great and still makes me smile everytime i see her. and jilli...the blogs i could write about my years of friendship with jilli....and miriam...who my son thinks looks like she is 28..and she was like we were in a little cocoon (well, not that little if i was in it...)where we were safe and laughing and young again....and then, my cell phone rang..."mom, i think we did something really bad.." really bad? is the house on fire? did they drive the car through the garage? did ari invite a woman over? my stomach was beginning to churn "honey, what is it? is everything ok?" "mom, i think there is something wrong with the pasta has things in it supposed to have things in it?"

and then, the cocoon was ripped open, and i was back to being 39, with aches and pains, and bald spots from wear i have been pulling the gray hairs out of my head...and the doors to my delorean(refer to previous back-to-the future reference...) closed and all was back to normal.....

happy birthday susie....

Happy Sunday

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