Friday, April 9, 2010

friday, april 9, 2010

oh brother....

sometimes i have some issues with being religious...because if you sit down and look at what you are doing and why you are doing it...the whole thing seems a little crazy. forget about the 5 different rabbinical opinions you can get on using a warming drawer, or the "rabbinical certification" that comes with an oven that has sabbath mode(are ya kidding me??), the whole putting up and taking down the sukkah-how does that tie in with shalom bayit exactly when the whole neighborhood can hear me yelling at ari? or this whole passover thing that we just experienced-seriously? am i really going to hell because i forgot to turn off the light in the refrigerator?(perhaps i will save another blog for all of the reasons that i am going to hell that have nothing at all to do with the refrigerator!)

i know it is all faith based-if one has faith and believes in god, there is no questioning of all this other nonsense-it is what it is....that is just great....but then, if we aren't a religion filled with superstitions, and we shouldn't read horoscopes because it is a form of idol worship(is that really true or did ari just tell me that because he doesn't like me finding out that "true love will find you this month where you least expect it"?) if we are just supposed to believe in god and follow the torah, why, oh why, are religious women all across the modern orthodox land, canada and israel, why are we all baking challah with a key in it this shabbos?? is it really going to bring us good financial fortune? isn't that a tad superstitious? and if it doesn't work, who do i take that up with exactly? the scholarship committee and my kids school? the local rabbinical court?

in any case, for those of you who are making the "key challah", i wish you a year filled with good health, good wealth and good luck....

happy friday

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