Monday, April 19, 2010

monday april 19, 2010

just throw it out....please...

in an effort to save money for jonah's bar mitzva, i have decided not to leave the house for the next 6 months(except for my trips to the gym..spinning=sanity, except for the poor schmuck who gets to sit behind me..just kidding, i never let anyone sit behind me, don't want to scare anyone....)anyway, i decided to clean out the cedar closet in the basement. oh boy.

cleaning experts tell you that if you haven't worn it in over a year, throw it out. well, what happens if you bought it 5 years ago, because it was on sale and because you thought that you would eventually fit into it and it still has the tags on? survey says...THROW IT OUT. why? it is now too short for me to ever wear, in public, again. Even for ari, in private, it is still too short and would cause him to laugh which we cause me to laugh and the whole bladder control thing at my age..just wouldn't be's out. so very sad.

i have also come across a whole bunch of those poncho type things-they were in style about 6 years ago, i am SURE they are going to come back in style as they are flattering on both thin and fat mom gave them to me in every color..some with flowers..some with tassels....if they come back in style in 30 years, if i am still alive, i would have already have been commited to a nursing home by my daughter-in-laws and i guess they could give the ponchos to the nurses aides for christmas presents for taking such good care of me and not letting me use the phone to call my sons....ok, i'll keep the daughter-in-laws will thank me....(i have a dream....)

In anticipation of the 40 bags of old chicos clothing that i never should have worn in the first place, i have contacted the nice man who picks up the bags and gives me a tax receipt...i am getting to work, i am cleaning, i am sorting, i am organizing, i am saving money....ari is lucky to have me. though if i am getting rid of all of my old clothes, what will i wear? eventually, it will be too hot for the tbo sweatshirt.....does that mean i will have to go shopping and spend money? nah...i really like the sweatshirt.

happy monday

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