Tuesday, August 31, 2010

tuesday august 31, 2010

son #3

10 years ago today, my friend put me into labor by having her baby a week early. I remember like it was yesterday, calling her house to see how she was feeling and having her mother in law answer the phone telling me she was in labor and my saying "she cant be in labor, we aren't due for another week-how come im not in labor??" and then, i went into labor.

Not knowing that it was a boy, but assuming that it would be, and being that it was thursday and that husband #1 was not equipped to set up for a shalom zachor, i ignored the pains and took out table cloths, cleaned the basement and got everything in order. Husband #1 was happy because he knew that he would be spending the weekend with his parents, while i was in the hospital, by myself...all alone...with no one to talk to.....no, i dont hold grudges.....anyway..

1:30 am, friday, September 1, 2000, the dr says "in my 30 years of experience, this baby has short eyelashes and it is a girl.." and I said "hey, doc, my husband has to make a shalom zachor without me, would you just pull the rest of HIM out??" and there he was...son #3.....

keep in mind that son #1 wasn't yet 4 years old...and i had these 3 adorable little boys...who continue to be adorable 92% of the time....which, i guess, is a pretty good percentage...

happy tuesday

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