Saturday, August 7, 2010

saturday august 7 2010

del boca vista

i have spent shabbos in an amphibious cemetary. it is so quiet in boynton beach, you can almost hear the blood flowing through your veins. for the last 3 years, my father in law has been telling me that this community is going to "take off"...take off and fly away perhaps? it is so dead here, which is kind've ironic, because most of the people here are, well, almost dead....(i know, not funny...) I would much prefer miami beach-where at least you have the boardwalk or even deerfield beach, where you have everyone and their great-grandmother...this place is just tooo quiet.

in order to avoid getting in trouble and pulling my hair out, i sought refuge in a good book and a long walk. I felt like i was back at the zoo...frogs, lizards, rabbits, interesting looking was quite the sight.

and is off to the marlins game....

happy saturday

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