Tuesday, August 17, 2010

tuesday august 17, 2010

random thoughts....because aren't they all random?

son #1 thinks that i have a.d.d because in the middle of conversation about subject A, i start talking about subject Q. I usually do this because if i dont get the thought out of my head, chances are, I will forget it....ahh..the signs of aging. I will also start wearing really high heels soon because the gray is getting to overwhelming to keep pulling it out and i am still not ready to start coloring my hair (and, my kids cant face the humiliation of having two bald parents)so...how is that for random?

Son #2 is with my parents in niagra falls for a few days. I didn't hear from them all day yesterday, which, if you know my mom, is miraculous, but then, i started to worry....so i called this morning. Turns out, mom heard me say "she is calling again?!?!" when she called the last time, and decided to "punish" me and not call...anyway, turns out, the letter i sent with them giving them permission to take son #2 out of the country did not look official enough, so they questioned him for about 20 minutes....poor kid. now, my in laws are taking him to israel in a few weeks....how can i word that letter properly?!?! hmmmm....

Two years ago i bought husband #1 a dvd player....on sunday, he tried to con my brother into helping him hook it up and then my brother pointed out to us that the xbox we have is also a dvd player.....so now, the dvd player is back in its box...waiting to be hooked up to another tv...poor thing...hope he is comfortable in there.

Last night i took a class at THE gym called latin cardio funk-aka-white girls cant dance. i enjoyed it because the teacher has the cutest little tushie, the music is awesome, and, apparently, you CAN burn calories laughing. I explained to the teacher that i am missing the gene that would enable me to move my arms and my feet at the same time without falling....I am happy to report that they still haven't thrown me out because of my size and there are others just like me who go there...so far, so good.

that is all i got.

Happy Tuesday

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