Thursday, August 19, 2010

thursday august 19, 2010


tomorrow ari and i will be celebrating 15 fun filled years of marriage. it must be hard for other couples to look at us and see the love and devotion that emanates from our very pores...watching us hold hands in the horse and buggy that ari hires at least once a month to take us on a scenic moonlight ride around new diamond earrings glistening off of the reflection of the hackensack river....coming home to a bedroom covered in rose petals and bon bons....oh, it is good to be us.....seriously?!?!?!?!?!?!

ari gets annoyed when i say that 15 years is a pretty good length of time-i haven't cheated on him, only hit him a few times, no one has ever called the police on us(thanks i&m)i have given it a good run. now what? in the first 15 years we had kids, bought a house, changed jobs, went on permanent maternity leave, which, unfortunately, is not as lucrative as permanent disability leave, alienated friends, made new ones, gone out to dinner a handful of times, saw a few shows, went on a couple of great vacations with and without the what?

I will tell you now what...."honey, those wrinkles were not there before-what's with that?" "oh dear, what did i do with my car keys/glasses/shopping list? can you please help me find them?" (written much more politely than actually said) "when did our kids become teenagers and why are they talking back to us?" "are you slouching more than you did before?" "should we get a doctor to look at that?" "should you be eating that-we do have to share a bathroom until the kids move out....."

love, romance, courtship-blah freakin blah. first 15 years-now we really know eachother, next 15-continue not to kill eachother for the sake of the the mean time-continue to repeat " i married my best friend, i married my best one else will have me with these stretch marks...i married my best friend...."

happy anniversary honey...does this count as a card?

Happy thursday

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