Friday, August 13, 2010

friday august 13, 2010..D-this one's for you!

ode to a friend on her 40th birthday.....

the concord hotel...known for its food, entertainment, secret and not so secret places to fool around and its general awesomeness is also the place where i met my friend Deva. The friendship was meant to be because we both had strange names and a love of food...among other things....she has been witness to the infamous hickey incident, many drunken nights(and, unfortunately, 1 drunken bar mitzva...), tears for boys and mean girls alike, she is responsible for me inviting ari to my graduation party, which got me into this whole mess in the first place and we have been a part of eachothers lives for over 25 years-through good and bad.

someone once tried to break us up, but we got through that as family has had the privelege and pleasure of visiting dayton(and its various ritual baths) many times-though all on our way to baseball stadiums in the mid-west(of course....because that is what we do). and now that she and her family have moved to chicago...we will be moving in for a few days at the end of september.

Deva turned 40 of the reasons why i always liked her is because even though she is SO MUCH older than i am, she never made me feel that way (ha ha ha ha) so dev...this blog is for you. You are awesome, you are adaptable and you are just an incredible friend to me and so many others around the globe. May god bless you and your family with all of the wonderful things that life has to offer....Happy Birthday!!!!!!

happy friday...and boy oh boy it is good to be back home!!!! shout out to my peeps in atlanta who made our stay there sooooo awesome.....

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