Thursday, September 2, 2010

thursday september 2, 2010...less than 2 months to go


though we think we are in control of things, we really aren't. Is that why we tend to count down to things instead of counting up? counting down to when school starts, counting down to when camp starts (and then when it ends...) to joyous occasions? Because we know when those things is the things we dont know about, that we dont know when they will happen, those are the things that scare us-and because of that, that is probably why we have no count down to them.

I was thinking these thoughts because son #1 starts high school today. I remember when i started high blouse, plaid jumper that had detachable straps so it could be worn as a skirt as well(very fashionable in 1984) and though i tried to have the hair cut where you could basically flip the sides of your hair back, i had curly hair so it looked more like i had wings...but i tried and that was during my week of being a size 6 (as i had grown several inches that summer...)it was all good and all exciting. But as several people have said to me, and i had said to my friend when her son started high school(and now he already is a , gasp, junior) the next 4 years F L Y by.....i even said that to son #1-though the next four years might feel S L OW..(ie bio, chemistry , physics..oh my) before you know are packing for your year in israel and i am crying all the time(instead of just some of the while i am writing this.)

i will not be counting down these next 4 years...i will be savoring them...because i am fully aware that having sons DOES mean having to say goodbye (unless they prove me wrong. pleasepleaseplease)...though, i will be counting down to camp again, when they come home and dont want to do their homework, and dont want to eat the dinner i made for them, and dont help clean off the table...etc etc etc

here's wishing all of our kids a healthy, productive(though not reproductive if they are still in high school, no matter how happy bristol palin seems to be) and HAPPY year......

happy thursday

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