Monday, August 30, 2010

monday august 30, 2010 happy 10th emily!!

great inventors...or were they??

the inventor of high heels...a man who hated women? or a really really short person?

the inventor of the bra...a man who hated women? or a really really well endowed woman who was sick of tripping over herself?

the inventor of spanx...a man who hated women? or a woman who hates other women?(for the record, i do not wear spanx, tried a pair on before son #1's bar mitzva and laughed so hard trying to get myself into them, that i almost needed depends...enough said.)

unquestionable geniuses...jonas salk, thomas edison, ben franklin(i am referring to his bifocal invention, which kyra sedgwick wore proudly on the emmys last night and she totally rocked them....i, of course, will be needing them soon and will not rock them quite like she did, but i am also not married to kevin bacon so what did you expect?)

and now, let us discuss the inventor of the slumber party.... a man who hated his mother? or a really really demented insomniac who thought it would be fun to invite others over to share in his misery? were his intentions honorable or sadistic?

I will let you decide. the things we do for our children.

happy monday

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