Thursday, August 12, 2010

thursday august 12, 2010

quality time is quality time...even in the er....

last night was to be our last game of the ganchrow 2010 baseball road trip. the flying squirrels against the new hampshire warthogs(for the life of me i keep blocking out the correct name of the animal....) we get to the game an hour early in order to be one of the first 1000 fans to receive a bobble head of the team mascot-THE flying squirrel-it even comes with a detachable baseball bat. unfortunately, the baseball bat isn't full size and i wont be able to use it on ari's head in the future.

anyway...poor son #2 is running down the stairs to get autographs, he falls and bangs his collar bone into a seat. what happens after, i try to block out, but, you should all just know that i remained uncharacteristically calm and did not scream at anyone. i did not scream at the nurse who did not know where the closest hospital was, i did not scream at the manager who told me that he didn't have the authority to get my son a much needed drink, i did not scream at the nurse(same nurse) when she said "golly, i dont know why we dont have any tissues in here" and proceeded to give son #2 sand paper to wipe his nose....i did not scream.

thank god, after 2 + hours in the er and xrays, it is just bruised. i have a cd of the xray and will be showing it to our friend the radiologist when we come home tonight. son#2 has a lovely sling and it resulted in son #1 actually being nice to him and giving him a high five (huge deal for son #1....) Retreat Doctors Hospital took very good care of son #2 and the m&ms in the machine were only a dollar twenty five. oh, why did we need to eat at the hospital....because the flying freaking squirrels went into extra innings and husband #1 was still at the game(as opposed to husband #2 who is soooo close to becoming a reality...) He finally picked us up, took us back to the game and son #2 got to watch the first walk off home run in Flying Squirrels history.

a good time was had by all.....even me, because everyone was ok.

happy thursday.....

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