Monday, August 16, 2010

monday august 16, 2010

a real scandal

drugs busts....child porn rings....russian spies living next door...pedophiles....internet laundering.....these guys have got nothing on the scandal that has been brewing in my community since i have been out of town.

it has come to my attention that four, that is right, FOUR backyard camps have been under investigation. someone, probably some bitter mom whose child was rejected from backyard camp for picking his nose too much, or pooping in his pants-that poor mom has channeled her feelings of anger and resentment into calling the authorities and busting up these innocent backyard camps. its a real shame. Instead of teaching little joey to keep his fingers out of his nose, instead of teaching him that you shouldn't show little girls your wee wee-no matter how impressive it is(and that is a life lesson in itself) this mom is teaching little joey to be a whistle-blower, a tattle tale....a neighbor that calls the town on you when you are doing construction....poor little joey-how will he ever learn right from wrong?

my heart goes out to the leaders of these camps...these women have the patience to love and teach other peoples children-through rain, hail and heat wave-these women are brave and responsible and have to spend hours getting mushed animal cracker and apple juice out of their carpeting-these women are role models to us all.

God bless them

happy monday

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